Issue 57 | May 2010
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Welcome to the 57th Issue of 3DCreative magazine. I hope you are all well and are looking forward to what the May issue has in store.

Last month we said goodbye to Eric Ennis and his tutorials about Vray, this month we give a warm welcome to the Mudbox genius Wayne Robson. Wayne will be showing us some of the great features available when using Mudbox and talking us through how to use them to create female characters. This month Wayne will be showing us how to sculpt an old lady.

As we say hello to Wayne Robson we say goodbye to Cédric Séaut. This month’s issue features the last part in his Character modeling tutorial. Cédric talks us through the final part of his tutorial and shows us how to model the pants of his character along with all their accessories. We hope you have all enjoyed Cédric‘s step by step guide to character modeling. We are looking forward to seeing all of your efforts to create characters being submitted to our online galleries at

Last month we started a new series called an Introduction to Rigging. We continue the series this month by looking at the tools that you can use to rig your character. Richard Maegaki and Danilo Pinheiro will be talking us through the tools in Maya whilst Luis San Juan Pallares will be our guide in Max.

This month’s issue also see’s the final instalment of our Outdoor Environment lighting series. There is no need to fear though because next month we start our indoor environment lighting series dealt with in all the same software, and the scene is created by the interior king Viktor Fretyán. But before we get carried away we still have the final part of the Outdoor series and in this issue we deal with an Overcast Day, dealt with in 3DS Max and Mental Ray by Andrew Finch, 3DS Max and Vray by Andrzej Sykut, Maya by Luciano Iurino and Cinema 4D by Fredi Voss.

Ok, so now on to interviews, and this month we have an interview with a lady from a very talented family Tamara Bakhlycheva. Tamara is the wife of Dominance IV winner Vadim Bakhlycheva. Tamara is not only a very talented 3D artist working in the games industry but also an excellent 2D artist. Tamara tells us how with a bit of grit and determination she managed to carve out her own path into the industry she had loved from her childhood.

Last but not least we have another excellent 3D Gallery featuring artwork from Gunnar Assmy, Olivier Vernay-Kim, Lee Young Woo, Adam Skutt and many more. We also have a making of by Valentin Yovchev who tells us how he made his image Robot in Disguise.

I am sure you will agree that once again we have provided a health portion of 3D to keep you going through to the next issue, so until then, enjoy.

What in this month…
Tamara Bakhlycheva - Freelancer 3D Character Artist

The Gallery: 10 of the Best 3D Artworks

Tutorial Series: Environment Lighting Series for 3ds Max MR & V-Ray, Maya & Cinema 4D

Tutorial Series: Character Modeling - Chapter 5: Pants (ZBrush Fabric Sculpting)
by Cédric Séaut

NEW!! Tutorial Series: Mudbox Female Character Creation Chapter 1: Gaunt/Old by Wayne Robson

Tutorial Series: Introduction to Rigging Series for 3ds Max & Maya

Making Of: Robot in Disguise - Project Overview by Valentin Yovchev

Promotion: Digital Art Masters:v4 - Free Chapter Book Promotion


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