Issue 54 | February 2010
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Hello, and welcome to the February issue of 3DCreative. We hope you all enjoyed the January issue, and are all aptly excited about what you have to look forward to in this month’s issue. And what an issue we have for you! First up this month we are all very excited to be able to present you with an Interview with the character developer who has worked on projects like Fantastic Four, 300 and Journey to the Centre of the Earth 3D, the one and only Cesar Dacol Jr. In his interview we find out how it was to make the transition from make – up effects to computer based work. What a start to the issue!

As always we are striving to get the best content for you and we deliver again with the second installation in the Cédric Seaut character modeling tutorial. In this month’s issue Cédric shows us how to model the shoe for our character. We hope you enjoy his step by step guide, excuse the pun, I couldn’t help myself!

Eric Ennis continues his V-Ray for 3DS Max series for us and in this issue he gets technical and talks us through the Vray settings. He shows us in depth how to use some of the settings and also gives a sneak peak at some of the special features that V-Ray has to offer.

Our very own Richard Tilbury continues his fascinating series creating a Fantasy Scene, and in this installment Richard talks us through the use of Photography and Post Production. Find out how to get the best effects for your final image by using photographs of the things that inspired your scene.

We also bring you the project overview for the excellent image Cross of Iron by Eric Zhang. Eric goes into great detail shows us how to start creating your image and where to look for your inspiration. We also have an excellent images gallery featuring work from Lino Masciulli, Özcan Şener, Rodolfo Roth, Alvydas Jaktkialo and many more!

Last but by no means least we continue our environmental lighting tutorial, dealt with by Andrew Finch for Mental Ray, Andrzej Sykut for V-Ray and Fredi Voss for Cinema 4D. The more observant of you may have noticed a name missing from the list, sadly we will not be able to bring you the Maya section by Joseph Harford this month due to unforeseen circumstances, but don’t despair, fingers crossed we will be able to have an epic Maya double bill in the march issue.

We hope you all enjoy the new issue!

What in this month…
Cesar Dacol Jr. - Director of Character Development

The Gallery: 10 of the Best 3D Artworks

Tutorial Series: Environment Lighting Series for 3ds Max MR & V-Ray, Maya & Cinema 4D

Tutorial Series: Character Modeling - Chapter 2: Shoes (ZBrush Plastic Sculpting) Cédric Séaut

Tutorial Series: V-Ray for 3ds Max Chapter 3: Vray’s Advanced Rendering Settings by Eric Ennis

Tutorial Series: Creating a Fantasy Scene Using 3D, Photography and Post Production: Chapter 4
by Richard Tilbury

Making Of: Cross of Iron - Project Overview by Eric Zhang

Promotion: Digital Art Masters:v4 - Free Chapter Book Promotion


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